The future of Dasonet

It is a fact of life that all things must have an ending and this is true of Dasonet as well. It has been a lot of fun creating and maintaining this web site for Durham artists over the years, but the time has come to acknowledge the power of the facebooks of the world. People no longer have time for more than one or two social networks.

Therefore, in compliance with the immutable laws of impermanence, like a Tibetan sand painting, Dasonet will disappear in a puff of smoke and be scattered to the ten directions.

Membership is now closed and current members will have until March 2015 to collect their stuff.

It's been a fun seven years and thank you, each and every one, for all your great contributions.


I have created a Facebook group for those members who would like to see Dasonet continue as a social network. The link is at:

You still have until March 2015 to retrieve your content and, if you wish, post it to the Facebook group. After that the current website will be shut down.


Da Sonet: For the Artists, By the Artists and of the Artists

Für die Künstler, von den Künstlern und durch die Künstler.
Pour les artistes, des artistes et par les artistes.
Para los artistas, de los artistas, y por los artistas.

NOTE All artworks and articles on Dasonet are solely owned by the artists.

Please respect this ownership and do not use any story ,painting, artwork, or detail from one without asking the artist and receiving written permission to do so. Thank you.


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From religious theme/bible story series.NB.Symbols & Meanings:#1.Apple,Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge,symbol of the Fall of Man,and his Redemption#2.Dove,Holy Spirit#3.Butterfly,The resurrected human soul#4.Egg,Creation rebirth#5.Grape, The blood of…
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